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Our A++ Players have some gas left in the tank after a hard days work so we're offering their services mostly on an as-needed, remote services basis. If site visits are required, they are in no means out of the question. However, know this - you can hire a full time employee or contractor and "get what you pay for" but you hire one of our pros - you'll get true value and return on your investment. You can pay for 40 hours for marginal output. Or, pay for 1/2 or less and get a superior product and service. We know, we have been in YOUR SHOES. Give us a call or drop us a line. We have a long list of satisfied clients

Visit our Gallery of Resumes and Available Professionals: 


Contact: UGT - Beth Bernstein
Government, DOE Laboratories and more
Contact: Mallory Resources - Greg Mallory
Commercial, Specializing in Industrial, Gas and Fossil Training, Work Planning, Scheduling and more
Think you have what it takes to qualify to be a Moon-Lighter with our Team? Send us your resume and point us to your LinkedIn profile!
Average "Ho-Hum" players need not apply - our team members required drive, self-discipline and of course core competencies and talent within your field of profession. We advertise excellence so that is our standard in seeking out new talent.