I'm not sure about you but...I do not need a huge mansion and a Lamborghini out front like all those flashy splash pages - you know, ones that look like these (although I will admit the secret is in the system LOL):

However, I am interested in an opportunity's full potential so that I can evaluate how one might do if say, they even achieve a percentage of the full potential. I often like to use 10-25%. For this page and purpose - I'll use 10%.

Starting with TrafficWave for example, a full matrix works out to $88,587.00 (per month) so 10% of that would be $8,858.70.

With NetworkersList a projected full matrix is $58,980.60 so at 10% that is $5,898.06 per month.

And the Power GDI Team page promotes $30,000 per month at the $10.00 per month level so let's add another $3,000 per month.

Folks, this is $17,756.76 per month or $213,081.12 per year!

And we won't even get into your income potential with peripheral tools and any other primary programs you may promote. All for a total monthly commitment of $47.95 per month. You should be break even in a month or two and way into profit in no time.

Lest than 6% of the full matrices amount to $10K per month.

So if  you think about the math and get busy and work this system and get your momentum going over the next several months - we're talking real life changing results.

Let's Look at Some
Math Here Real Quick
This should get you  a little excited...